Tom McCreary, APSA, MPSA  

Forty Mile Point loghthouse by Tom McCreary, APSA, MPSA

November 2023 - Forty Mile Point loghthouse

November 2023 - Tom McCreary, APSA, MPSA


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Forty Mile Point Lighthouse

This lighthouse is in Michigan, taken on my trip there in August. I liked the old Ford that they had parked behind the lighthouse. I think that makes the image look like it was taken in earlier times. I used my Olympus digital OM-1 and Olympus 14-150mm lens at 20mm, 1/500th second, f8, and ISO 200. I used NIK Silver Effect Pro to convert to monochrome.

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Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
Very unique shot of a lighthouse, not showing the full tower, but instead the keeper's house and car. Great opportunity you had to get the old Ford in the shot.
Perhaps darken the sky a bit?   Posted: 11/08/2023 10:27:34

Somdutt Prasad   Somdutt Prasad
Nice image, evokes a bygone era. Are the highlights in the gravel path too high?   Posted: 11/10/2023 19:34:26

Diana Magor   Diana Magor
On my monitor, the highlights look fine and the overall contrast is good. The choice of preset with an suggestion of an old frame works well. I might have tweaked the perspective just a little because there is a hint of the house leaning back. This would work well in a sequence of shots of the lighthouse to show its location and different aspects of it.   Posted: 11/19/2023 05:39:11

Wes Odell   Wes Odell
Your specialty: Old buildings.
I've often wondered where my first car, a '31 Ford tudor, went, and there it is.
I agree with Diana's comment about the back-leaning house.
A good angle for the shot and nice composition overall.   Posted: 11/19/2023 05:49:40