Paul Roth  

Morocco by Paul Roth

October 2021 - Morocco

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The image was taken in Morocco, in an old fort, made of straw and mud. I used a Nikon D850, with 24-70 lens at 34mm, f3.5, 320ISO. The image was one of a number I took in this small room. The lighting conditions were not idea for photography, the only light source was the window. I opened the image in Lightroom, after basic adjustments, I converted the image to B/W.

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Michael Nath   Michael Nath
I really like this image Paul but , to me personally, it is a it too dark and gloomy around the periphery. I used NIK CEP detail extractor to brush in more visible details (and very possibly overdone) along the interior wall at the top left. It is difficult to achieve an acceptable balance between the shadows and the brightness of the window.   Posted: 10/06/2021 11:29:36
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Peter Clark   Peter Clark
Paul - this image looks familiar and is virtually identical to the version you posted in June 2020 albeit taken on a different camera. My comments remain the same with the exception of the suggestion of a white stroke...

"A great image and well seen, captured and composed under difficult conditions. The patches of light from the window on the floor and sill are the perfect lead in to the window itself. The processing is top notch - great detail in the walls including the shadow areas and the detail through the window so well brought out."

I think Micheal's edit is way OTT and destroys the ambience of the image. As presented your image is spot on.   Posted: 10/07/2021 05:03:44

Ed Ries
Hello Paul. I like the moodiness of this image. Detail in the shadows is great. the window projection adds interest for me. I would put this print on my wall.   Posted: 10/11/2021 20:57:13


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