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Gordon by Jessica Manelis

May 2022 - Gordon

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I shot this with my iPhone last week while sitting on the beach in Puerto Rico. This little guy was sitting in the tree next to me and seemed to like to have his picture taken. Because he was sitting under the tree, the original was mostly in shadow. I lightened it in PS. I know the tree in the background looks wonky. Wondering if I should try to saturate the sky a little so it is blue. Erase the trees?

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Judy Merson   Judy Merson
Very interesting capture of the crested anole I read that it is adapting to big city life in Puerto Rico
Nice composition I would crop in even more Perhaps Topaz Gigapixel will allow for more enlargement without pixelation
Also need more sharpness in eye and face Try Topaz Sharpen AI or Topaz Studio 2
I just watched a webinar on light and shadow in Photoshop Virtual Summit 4 It was recommended to use a layer filled with 50% gray above a selection of what you want lightened clip to the selected layer and switch blend mode to overlay and then paint in white with a soft round brush where you want lightness I would clone out the tree
I did these things   Posted: 05/10/2022 15:23:01
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Jessica Manelis   Jessica Manelis
Thanks Judy. That's a cool idea. Where was that webinar?   Posted: 05/13/2022 14:22:30
Judy Merson   Judy Merson
It was part of the Photoshop Virtual Summit 4 moderated by Dave Cross It was a whole week of webinars on Photoshop The one I refer to was by Sebastian Michaels on day 5 Dramatic Lighting And Shadows You might still be able to purchase the webinar if you contact Dave Cross   Posted: 05/13/2022 21:05:30

Jody Coker   Jody Coker
Gordon is defiantly showing off for you.
I wanted to try replacing the sky, but for some reason I couldn't find my sky folder so I used this one LOL   Posted: 05/13/2022 20:40:40
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Tom Carnahan   Tom Carnahan
Unique photo and is one for reflection with black and white on a blue background. The detail keeps the eye on the black content. Good detail, no distractions and caused me to stop and study the photo. Thanks   Posted: 05/18/2022 08:38:29

Tom Carnahan   Tom Carnahan
  Posted: 05/18/2022 08:38:34


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