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Into the Wind by Jody Coker

May 2022 - Into the Wind

May 2022 - Jody Coker


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My photo for this month is of a Snowy Egret taken on a very windy day. The location is the spillway at Lock and Dam 5 on the Red River. The dam is a short drive south of me and you can usually find a good variety of birds feeding on the fish churned up by the turbulent water. FYI the background is the spay and foam from the dam.
Shot with a Canon 5d mark iv, Sigma 500mm f/4 DG OS HSM Sports on a tripod with a gimbal head. Settings were ISO 200, 1/640 @ f8 and auto WB.
Editing was done with Affinity Photo. Cropped for size and affect, spillway wall was darkened and blurred, reds and yellows were tweaked with an HSL adjustment and there is a sharpening High pass filter set to .2 and linear light.

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Tom Carnahan   Tom Carnahan
I could spend time on what are the fine points in your photo but the wrap up would be that I think you have an excellent finished product. No additions or deletions! !   Posted: 05/03/2022 19:15:36

Robert Schleif   Robert Schleif
(Group 42)
The bird, the angles, and the wind (plus the photographer) have together produced a lovely picture. I wondered how it would look with greater contrast between the Egret and the grey of the background. Here is the result.   Posted: 05/04/2022 08:37:45
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Dorinda Wills   Dorinda Wills
Great image! I do like your choice of vertical crop. As Tom said, not much more to say or to suggest. I do like Robert's version as well.   Posted: 05/04/2022 14:03:33

Jon Joyce   Jon Joyce
Great image, Jody! I especially like the sharpness of the bird against the blurred background. No suggestions for changes.   Posted: 05/04/2022 15:34:31

Leonid Shectman   Leonid Shectman
The bird is good, but I tried to adjust this image see what you are thinking. I tried to make a bird more standing alone.   Posted: 05/04/2022 18:37:18
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Judy Merson   Judy Merson
Beautiful capture of the egret Lovely blowing crest I would replace the lower white sky with the upper so the bird would contrast with the entire background and draw one's eye to the bird   Posted: 05/05/2022 14:46:20

Jody Coker   Jody Coker
thanks everyone, all good suggestions   Posted: 05/12/2022 18:58:55

Jessica Manelis   Jessica Manelis
I really love this. I like the white on white of the bird and the background. I love the softness of the grey and wouldn't enhance it in anyway. I agree with Tom. Don't touch it.   Posted: 05/13/2022 14:19:57


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