Leonid Shectman  

Train by Leonid Shectman

May 2021 - Train

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I took it in the Rail road museum in Los Angeles during our visit with my grandson. Use only PS for some adjustments.

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Dorinda Wills   Dorinda Wills
Beautiful photo of this old steam train. The detail on the train engine is excellent. A couple of thoughts for you to consider: I wonder if you could slightly blur the train station building and hillside? Maybe clone out the buildings? There is so much going on in the scene, I think these detract a little from the train. Second, have you considered darkening the cement foreground (lower left) just a little. It is brighter than your subject. Just something to consider.   Posted: 05/04/2021 17:04:59

Tom Carnahan   Tom Carnahan
History on display. The only thing missing is someone driving the golden spike to join the East and West coast by rail.   Posted: 05/05/2021 16:34:21

Leonid Shectman   Leonid Shectman
Thanks for suggesting I madestation a little be blur and darkened the rails at the front much better
This picture will be placed on the cup for sale in the Los Angeles Rail road museum   Posted: 05/05/2021 18:45:38
Dorinda Wills   Dorinda Wills
I think the slight blurr will be perfect. Congrats on having it placed for sale!
  Posted: 05/07/2021 14:04:40


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