Bob Legg  

Driftwood Beach, GA Sunrise#707 by Bob Legg

June 2021 - Driftwood Beach, GA Sunrise#707

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I think I have strengthened this image by using Tone Curves-Regions and Color Grading. All in Lightroom.

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Bob Legg   Bob Legg
Oops. I forgot my data. Nikon D780 with 28-300 lens. Shot at 78mm, iso 500,F11 and 8 second exposure to smooth out the ocean   Posted: 06/06/2021 13:15:35

Tim Sanders   Tim Sanders
Hi Bob, I love the relaxed aura and the pastel shades of your image. I don't think I would change a thing.   Posted: 06/08/2021 01:19:06

Gunter Haibach   Gunter Haibach
In my very subjective scoring system, this is a "WOW" picture and would content for hanging on one of my walls. This image has "stopping power" and cannot be ignored - generates emotions for this viewer. Compositionally and technical very strong - don't see any flaws. Great idea to smooth out the water. My only suggestion is to clone out the branch on the left that is too close to the edge for my taste.   Posted: 06/08/2021 09:58:30

Karen Harris   Karen Harris
This is gorgeous. I want this hanging in my house. I cropped off a little on the right as I thought I would like less of that bright sky. Also I played with the hue on Photoshop and moved it to the left -18. I don't know if it's better or not but I love to play. Also it appeared that your ocean leaned ever so slightly to the left so I tried to straighten it, but now it probably goes the other way.   Posted: 06/08/2021 10:15:11
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Stephan Debelle   Stephan Debelle
Great capture, wonderful composition. Being in Bora Bora, we love sunset and hardly never capture them. The photo brings inner peace, nicely done with the slow shutter to provide the smooth effect. Love it!   Posted: 06/08/2021 18:51:30

Bill Foy   Bill Foy
Beautiful image, Bob. Looks like the Blue Hour? I don't see anything I'd change about this image.

The downside of this image, to me, is what it represents. I spent some time at my sister's home in Charleston a couple of years ago and, all along the coastal areas I roamed looking for images, scenes like this greeted me. Speaking with some of the local folks, it's all about climate warming. The ocean is creeping inland and killing the trees. In the area of Edisto Beach, I was told the sea was more than 20 feet closer to homes than it was just a few years earlier.   Posted: 06/17/2021 13:56:58


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