Kathy Brand  

Vintage Building by Kathy Brand

May 2023 - Vintage Building

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I like the details of older buildings and took several pictures of this one. I wanted the detail in the white portion to show up and darkened the exposure, but then the other colors seemed rather intense. Tech info: 1/800 at f / 9.0, ISO 800

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Joe Kennedy   Joe Kennedy
Kathy, the jaxapositioning of the antiquated sign with the debris in the lower bottom corner makes the scene. Excellent detail in those bricks and small slabs. The color in the sign is marvelous! The rust is most visible. And, that brick wall is the glue that holds it all together. I might try to SLIGHTLY burn some of the brighter bricks center left.

I have a small mini-project of shooting murals. Many towns have been spending money on having them created around their town. The next town over from me has about fifteen of them - just have to find the best time to shoot them.   Posted: 05/09/2023 12:34:14

Deborah Milburn   Deborah Milburn
Well done. Good eye to capture the scene. Street photography is an art unto itself.   Posted: 05/09/2023 13:01:33

Deb Thurlbeck   Deb Thurlbeck
Wonderful find of days past.   Posted: 05/09/2023 15:06:39

Wanda Krack   Wanda Krack
Great find and a well-executed image!   Posted: 05/21/2023 03:47:25

Chris Benjamin   Chris Benjamin
The picture brings out the theme well …..nicely captured .   Posted: 05/28/2023 09:15:58


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