Wanda Krack  

Lovely yellow flowers by Wanda Krack

October 2021 - Lovely yellow flowers

October 2021 - Wanda Krack


About the Image(s)

File Info: shot 9/21
Shutter priority at 1/750th sec.
F 5.6
ISO auto at 2500
Focal length 300mm
Simple adjustments made in CR and PS, mostly noise reducing efforts and some levels adjustments.

While on an outing with friends, we came across a field with these lovely yellow flowers. I noticed honey bees at work, so I captured a few. This one is one of the sharpest I was able to obtain but when I pulled it up on the computer, at first I centered the bee due to trying to keep the flowers in the image, but it didn't seem just right. My question to you is, how would you suggest this image be cropped?

(original and two possible crops being sent)


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