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The twilight zone driving home by Tom Johnson

May 2021 - The twilight zone driving home

May 2021 - Tom Johnson


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First of all I want to thank Wanda for helping me share this great story-It keeps resurfacing in my head since I have taken my trip. My Most Memorable Trip..

Before I get into my trip experience, I would like to talk about some details of 2020. My Ex wife passed away in January of 2020 of pancreatic cancer. We were with each other for 19 years. At the Funeral, the family mentioned that I may take one of her jewelry pieces that Tina Johnson Made. I picked a beautiful rhinestone cross that she made. I hung in in my car. With 2020 being a challenging year, I decided to go on a fall trip to free myself from a lot of stress. I always wanted to go to Maine to see the lighthouses. I arranged a rent a car and packed up my gear and left by myself. I was a little nervous so I brought the cross necklace to be fearless, knowing that the spirt of Tina, maybe, would be with me. I went through Ohio, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Vermont, Delaware and then to my final designation-Maine. Wow! What a journey. I took so many wonderful pictures. In Maine, I kind of burn myself out - exploring so many lighthouses. I finally got to the last lighthouse-Nubble Lighthouse at sunset on Saturday night. I took pictures til it was pure dark. I said to myself I must have a seafood dinner in Maine before I headed back. I had the famous Lobster bisque soup-in Maine. It was so delicious. I was a little depressed that my journey was now over and I had to face that long drive home and face reality. I drove all through the night with very little sleep. I became delusional with very little sleep. I found myself stopping at every rest stop running around the rest area to wake myself up. Going home on the interstate expressway-upstate New York I noticed deer was slaughtered all over the expressway for miles (blood everywhere on the roads). Many deer. It kind of freaked me out knowing that I could possible hit one too and then be abandoned from coming home. But I kept going. I wanted to be home on Sunday afternoon. It really felt like driving through another episode of "THE Twilight ZONE". It was a spooky drive home but I had lots of memoires to share on film. Looking back, I think it was the cross that gave me the confidence to head back.


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