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my My trip to Katmai National Park/Brooks Falls by Deborah Milburn

May 2021 - my My trip to Katmai National Park/Brooks Falls

May 2021 - Deborah Milburn


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It is hard to pick the "trip of a lifetime" because every trip is always an adventure. There is so much to see and explore. That being said, I chose my trip to Katmai National Park/Brooks Falls as a magnificent trip! In 2020 travel was so limited due to the pandemic. However, there is always a "silver lining" to everything. This trip was it. Brooks Falls is extremely popular, especially for photographers. During the summer your time on the bridge at Brooks Falls is limited and my understanding is that you cannot use a tripod on the bridge. Also, to stay at Brooks Camp is very difficult. I was going to visit my son and family in September, and I started looking around the internet. I found that Katmai had reopened as well as Brooks Camp. I was able to stay at the Camp for two days and photographed as I wished. My friend went with me, and we both felt very fortunate to have this experience. There were very few people. The bears were getting ready for hibernation. They had fed all summer and were in the last phases prior to hibernation.

The pano of Brooks Falls was a composite. The bears were lethargic and not moving as they would in early summer. The second image is the bear fishing. I used a vintage finish.


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