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Lunar Eclipse by Brad Ashbrook

June 2022 - Lunar Eclipse

June 2022 - Brad Ashbrook


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I photographed the lunar eclipse on May 5th from my backyard which is not very interesting. I had to get up early the next morning and could not stay awake for the shadow to leave the moon. The moon was photographed with a long zoom at 600mm on my full frame Sony. I first used a foreground from a lighthouse in Maine shot just after twilight which accounts for the very blue sky. I opened all 7 photos in PS as layers, scaled them down quite a bit, moved them into place and used a lighten blend to remove the black background. I wasn't sure if I liked it so I did a second one with the Milky Way rising over the horizon at the same state park as the rocket launch I submitted last month. On the night of the 15th the eclipse did take place very near the Milky Way a photograph of the blood red moon would be possible. However, the full moon brightness would have washed out the Milky Way. I don't usually do composites, but I thought it would be fun.

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Renee Schaefer   Renee Schaefer
Great image. Fun shot. You did a great job with the composite.   Posted: 06/04/2022 22:07:19

Danny Dunne   Danny Dunne
I prefer the lighthouse image. The moons seem a better size and have blended in better. i like the first moon directly above the lighthouse.   Posted: 06/05/2022 05:04:22

Lauren Heerschap   Lauren Heerschap
Wonderful composite, and I appreciate being able to get the whole process of the eclipse in one shot. I think the lighthouse is more interesting, although I would tone down the brightness of the light in the lighthouse, it distracts from the moons. This photo has a nice sense of balance.   Posted: 06/05/2022 15:55:24

Becca Cambridge   Becca Cambridge
Night sky photography is so fun...provided one can stay up or get up. Totally get the sleep disruption but well worth the effort.
Ah, I kinda like the original with the sunrise. I might crop it and keep that cute little tree to the left.
But if you like the lighthouse one, I might clone out the light on the right. It seems to draw my eye away from the focus.
I like the sky in the original one. Focuses my eye to moon.
On the layered one, there is a bright star that seems to distract.
Congratulations on a great capture.   Posted: 06/17/2022 11:40:49

Jan van Leijenhorst   Jan van Leijenhorst
A truly amazing image. Thank you for sharing the technical details with us.   Posted: 06/17/2022 19:44:04

Jon Allanson   Jon Allanson
I really like your construction of this image, the multiple shots of the moon, creates a story of the occasion. To me the replacement of the foreground trees by the lighthouse has lifted it from being a series of moonshots into a great image. I would be inclined to tone down the light of the lighthouse, as it draws attention away from the moon.   Posted: 06/20/2022 02:07:50


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