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Star Stuck on You by Lauren Heerschap

November 2021 - Star Stuck on You

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We took a quick trip to Newport, Oregon to see the Oregon Aquarium and sights. I again had fun with my focus stacking in my Olympus Camera, with a macro 60mm lens. This was shot at f2.8, 60 mm, ISO 2500. I processed it in Lightroom, then ON-1 Raw. I thought it was fun to have the illusion of the starfish and aquarium on the inside of my computer, so the title became “Star Struck on You”. I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoys their Thanksgiving.

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Becca Cambridge   Becca Cambridge
Oooo, another Aquarium shot. Love it.
The golds and purples work for me as well as the fish down stage left sneaking into the frame.
I like the composition of the starfish and the anomie.
  Posted: 11/06/2021 13:49:21

Jon Allanson   Jon Allanson
I like this aquarium shot, with its starfish main subject, dominating the shot and the slightly soft focus on the background. To me there are a few light areas like the starfish bottom right and the anemone top right, which would benefit from toning down a little.   Posted: 11/07/2021 05:02:52

Renee Schaefer   Renee Schaefer
Great aquarium shot. The anemone on the top right is competing with the starfish. I think it would benefit from burning it our blurring it a bit.   Posted: 11/07/2021 21:10:46

Brad Ashbrook   Brad Ashbrook
Very cool, you do very well with these aquarium shots! I think it is a pinch busy which might benefit from some background blurring.   Posted: 11/16/2021 09:51:54

Jan van Leijenhorst   Jan van Leijenhorst
A "cool" shot, I agree with Brad. I would have liked the background to be less bright.   Posted: 11/22/2021 12:27:19

Danny Dunne   Danny Dunne
The sharpness of the starfish really makes it jump out, almost too much.   Posted: 11/24/2021 04:08:20


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