Jon Allanson  

To the Head of Wastwater by Jon Allanson

November 2021 - To the Head of Wastwater

About the Image(s)

Early last month I arranged to go to stay 2 nights at the hotel at the head of the Wastdale valley, so I would have time to photograph the lake at different times of day. I have always felt that more atmospheric images of the lake were achieved in poor weather (see December 2019 image), Unfortunately on the day I arrived and on the day I left the weather was too poor to get any good images. The full day in the middle was perfect for walkers on the hills, with virtually no cloud until mid-afternoon, but this had little good atmosphere, so I spent time experimenting with photo stacking.

This image is made from a stack of 7 images at 1/15th sec, f16, ISO 400 at 24mm with my Fuji XT4. Having created a colour image from the stack, I used 2 B&W adjustment layers to convert to mono and then applied a series of Curves and levels layers to get the final result, which was selectively sharpened using High Pass.

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Becca Cambridge   Becca Cambridge
I've not tried photo stacking so I really can't comment.
I was wondering about the reflections in the lake. Would a longer exposure smoothed out the reflection ripples?
Like the foreground but wonder what it would look like if the large left brush was not included.
Very nice given the light with which you worked.   Posted: 11/06/2021 13:54:48

Renee Schaefer   Renee Schaefer
I've never tried stacking images and this looks like a success, but I think the image in general needs a little more contrast to make it pop. I do like this shot a lot.   Posted: 11/07/2021 21:13:13

Brad Ashbrook   Brad Ashbrook
Very nice scene with a lovely composition and sone very nice clouds and reflections in the water. I think the image could use more contrast to really make it pop.

Curious, are the 7 images for focus stacking?   Posted: 11/16/2021 09:54:52
Lauren Heerschap   Lauren Heerschap
Brad, I have two screens, and one is really well calibrated. When I moved the photo to the calibrated screen, I noted that the image has more dark tones and contrast. Just thought I'd mention that.   Posted: 11/17/2021 15:35:11

Lauren Heerschap   Lauren Heerschap
I stack images all the time, and I think that was a good choice. I am impressed by the reflections and the shapes in this photo. Good eye. For the monochrome conversion, I think you made an excellent choice, because the shapes of the mountains and repeated triangles create a lot of drama, with a wonderful sky.   Posted: 11/17/2021 15:34:07

Jan van Leijenhorst   Jan van Leijenhorst
A beautiful, peaceful landscape scene. Not sure how to describe it adequately, but let me say that I would have loved to have this image hanging on my walls somewhere.   Posted: 11/22/2021 12:31:39

Danny Dunne   Danny Dunne
Finished image is great. Its crisp throughout. The bottom edge of the river curves beautifully up to lead into the lovely hills   Posted: 11/24/2021 04:14:11