Bob Benson, FPSA, EPSA  

Forest Floor by Bob Benson, FPSA, EPSA

November 2023 - Forest Floor

November 2023 - Bob Benson, FPSA, EPSA


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I titled this Forest Floor Collage, but I really took this in my backyard. With a yard full of leaves, and waiting for the ground to dry so that I could get them into bags, I decided to see if i saw any interesting patterns. I liked this arrangement. In LR, I added an S curve for contrast, added vibrance and texture, vignetted the edges, and used the fantastic new tool in LR, the individual color picker. I used it on a couple of points, and then pushed those colors somewhat.

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Kirsti Näntö-Salonen   Kirsti Näntö-Salonen
Bob, you have here the autumn colors in all their glory! I think that they make a very fine collage, with layers of depth and an interesting composition. I see the bright yellow maple leaf as the centerpiece. Your enhancement of the colors worked beautifully, and the raindrops give a nice final touch.   Posted: 11/10/2023 13:36:59

Jose Cartas   Jose Cartas
This can be a good picture for a puzzle! The idea is simple but very well executed. There is repetition and also variety in the leaves. What made the photo was your post-processing, which brought vibrant colors to a muted capture.   Posted: 11/11/2023 09:28:20

Mervyn Hurwitz   Mervyn Hurwitz
Its the colors that make this image stand out. The treatment that you used in post is amazing. By the way, where is the color picker tool?
At first glance this appears as a hodge-podge of leaves. But closer examination shows that you were able to find a pattern.   Posted: 11/12/2023 10:42:52
Bob Benson   Bob Benson
The color picker tool in LR is hidden the Color Mixer develop module. Once you use the dropper, you can pick the hue, saturation, and luminosity by sliders, or move the point around in a color grid. You can also expand or limit the color range impacted, and there is a nice Visualizer Range checkbox to see what is actually affected. And the bonus is the ability to separately modify additional colors.   Posted: 11/12/2023 14:33:08

Anges van der Logt   Anges van der Logt
I like this image very much. The water droplets on the leaves make the story. A very nice autumn pic!   Posted: 11/20/2023 19:16:33

Tony Au Yeong   Tony Au Yeong
You have created a beautiful image depicting the warm colors of the fall. I like the texture of the leaves and the water droplets, they adding elements of interest to the photo. What you have done in the LR is really nice.   Posted: 11/25/2023 02:16:23