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Yellow vented bulbul by Anges van der Logt

May 2022 - Yellow vented bulbul

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I was walking on the grounds of a golf course in Bali (bit mountainous area) looking for birds. When I was just resting on a bench for a moment, this bulbul bird landed on a cut tree just behind some short vegetation in the foreground. At first he did not notice me, so I had already some shots from him from behind. But then he looked in my direction, and I got this shot. I love how he looks straight at the lens and he is quite sharp. Just did some minimal corrections in Adobe RAW and some color corrections and cropping. Noise was minimal, as this was taken with a rather small ISO (light on him was very bright, so the auto ISO on my camera choose a rather low ISO, which was perfect).

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Bob Benson   Bob Benson
Very nice: Sharp bird, soft focus background.I wold suggest cropping at the bottom to eliminate the blurred vegetation at the bottom. If you have not, I think a small amount of outside vignetting would help too.   Posted: 05/03/2022 20:18:26
Anges van der Logt   Anges van der Logt
Thanks Bob. Yes I think I better crop the bottom a bit. Vignette already done ;)   Posted: 05/03/2022 20:30:06

Jose Cartas   Jose Cartas
Tack sharp and with a pleasant, out-of-focus, background. I have only the same suggestion as Bob, which you already accepted, namely to crop some from the bottom.   Posted: 05/09/2022 19:04:39
Anges van der Logt   Anges van der Logt
Thanks for your comment!   Posted: 05/14/2022 22:02:58

Mervyn Hurwitz   Mervyn Hurwitz
The bird stands out perfectly from the background, and is tack sharp.
I agree with previous comments about the crop. I might even go as far as cropping to a horizontal format by eliminating some off the top and a lot off the tree.   Posted: 05/13/2022 10:31:56
Anges van der Logt   Anges van der Logt
Thanks for your comment! Yes I already cropped the photo, much better I must say!   Posted: 05/14/2022 22:03:27

Tony Au Yeong   Tony Au Yeong
A nice image and I love the catch light on his eye. Although you have mentioned that the bird was in bright light but there is no harsh shadow casted. The bird in a soft green background creates a serene atmosphere.   Posted: 05/20/2022 11:35:32
Anges van der Logt   Anges van der Logt
Thanks for the comment!   Posted: 05/22/2022 00:48:53

Andy Patterson   Andy Patterson
As others have said, not shot, and agree with everyone about the crop. I suggest an overall crop though--not just the bottom but a bit overall to balance that. Or perhaps you could just take the green tone out of that blurred foliage at the bottom over the stone so that it does not stand out--it might blend in with the rock. I played a bit; I desaturated that area and added a bit (probably too much) sharpening to that area so it looked a bit more natural--I also cropped slightly but only from the top and left to remove a bit more of the open area.   Posted: 05/21/2022 14:17:08
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Anges van der Logt   Anges van der Logt
Thanks a lot for the in depth comment and suggestions!   Posted: 05/22/2022 00:49:24


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