Mervyn Hurwitz  

Curtis Island Lighthouse by Mervyn Hurwitz

November 2021 - Curtis Island Lighthouse

November 2021 - Mervyn Hurwitz


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Taken in Maine last month.
We arrived at this spot in the late afternoon, and spent an enjoyable hour and a half relaxing on a park bench. As sunset approached many tour boats and yachts came by and we were rewarded with these views.
I used a filter in Luminar AI to bring out the tones and improve the sky. However, I did not change the sky - this is the original sky.

Sony A7 24-240 lens at 136mm. ISO 400. f8,1/500 secs

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Belinda Hudnall Keller   Belinda Hudnall Keller
The choice of the filter created overall improvements-- lovely tones, especially in the sky, land in the back, and in the sails. It also brought out nice details. My only suggestion is minor. I don't think you need as much foreground and would crop some of it.   Posted: 11/08/2021 10:10:53

Andy Patterson
Gret shot and processing! It has a serene feeling yet has the feeling of an impending (or at least distant) storm. A agree with Belinda, my initial thought was you could crop just a bit off the foreground--it doesn't add to the photo and would move the emphasis back to the subject and more interesting sky. I was going to also suggest cropping a tiny bit on the left, but as I played with it I don't think that would work or help.   Posted: 11/11/2021 15:56:15

Tony Au Yeong   Tony Au Yeong
I think adding the filter works very well for the image. It brings a warm tone to the color palette. In spite of the title " Curtis Island Lighthouse", I am attracted by the yacht, may be because of its position, its shape or that the landscape forms a leading line to it.   Posted: 11/12/2021 10:00:17

Jose Cartas   Jose Cartas
What I like most in this photo are the pastel tones. In terms of composition, all elements are placed on the right spot and complement each other. I agree with Belinda that cropping from the bottom will improve the image.   Posted: 11/12/2021 18:11:28

Tom Buckard   Tom Buckard
(Groups 46 & 48)
Mervyn, I hope you don't mind me asking? Were you on a boat or on the closest bit of land almost a half a mile away? Not an easy shot. Beautiful! Looks like a painting. Schooner looks like one of the Appledores? We winter in Key West, FL and one or two of the five Appledores are there each winter.   Posted: 11/13/2021 09:49:46
Mervyn Hurwitz   Mervyn Hurwitz
Hi Tom. Thanks for visiting our group.
We sat on a bench across the bay, sipping wine as we waited for the sun to drop and the yachts to come around for their sunset viewing.   Posted: 11/14/2021 12:26:56

Bob Benson   Bob Benson
I like the mood/tone of this. I also concur with the suggestions to crop some of the bright water at the bottom. There seems to be some kind of weird cloning/repeating pattern in the bottom clouds on the left that are noticeable due to the strong lines separating them. I think it you softened that area, the effect would go away.   Posted: 11/15/2021 09:31:20