Harvey Abernathey  

Shadows by Harvey Abernathey

August 2022 - Shadows

About the Image(s)

Captured 7/18/22 along the trail to Winnemucca Lake in the California Sierra Mountains near Tahoe. The wildflowers around the 8500-9000’ elevation were some of the best years ever known. Possibly because of the late snows that happened earlier this year.

This was one of the few photography outings where I didn’t shoot with a tripod, probably because I was not used to hiking elevation gains of over 1,200’ in such high altitude…when I live at sea level. I left the tripod in the car and just carried one camera and lens, compensating for lack of tripod with high shutter speed, which was not difficult as it was a sunny day.

This image represents one of the five Indian Paint-brush varieties found in the area, where they were intermixed with over 20+ other colorful wildflowers. Although the light was a bit harsh at mid-day, I concentrated on capturing the shadows on the granite boulder.

I processed the RAW file in Adobe Camera Raw with some shadow highlight and contrast work, dodging and burning, then finished with a slight vignette. Final processing in Photoshop with a Level's adjustment layer to flatten the histogram and brighten overall image.

Camera Details: Nikon Z6II with 24-70mm lens; 1/1000s at f/8.0, -0.67EV, ISO 100 @ 70mm.


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