Audrey Waitkus  

Unknown Flower by Audrey Waitkus

June 2022 - Unknown Flower

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Found this in my files and thought it was a crocus until I looked at the date it was taken: October 23 of 2014!! I looked up crocuses and found that there actually is an Autumn Crocus, though I’m still not sure that’s what this is. But I liked the freshly fallen leaves in the background, and the green leaves framing the flowers.

Taken with my Canon G11, ISO 800, focal length 22mm, f/8, 1/200 sec. In Camera Raw I balanced the exposure and enhanced the contrast and clarity. Then in Photoshop I cropped, cloned out some spots, and brought out the color of the flowers with a selective color adjustment.

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Ruth Holt   Ruth Holt
HI, Barbara, Good composition, colors, and sharpness. The green leaves bring the eye into the lovely flowers.   Posted: 06/11/2022 11:07:44

Brian Parkin   Brian Parkin
I do like the composition - the contrast between the green leaves and the rest of the image works well. I would be tempted to increase the contrast a little, and darken the green leaf at the top-left.   Posted: 06/23/2022 03:11:33
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Julie Chapa   Julie Chapa
Lovely capture and composition. It's amazing how Brian's edit made this an even stronger image. I definitely learned something from this.   Posted: 06/23/2022 06:12:50

Eric Schweitzer   Eric Schweitzer
I like the colors and the composition but find the light a bit bright. Brian's adjustments are an improvement. I would add a vignette to help focus the eye on the flowers.   Posted: 06/23/2022 11:03:30