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Just Mark by Brian Parkin, QPSA

May 2022 - Just Mark

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Camera: Nikon Z6 (full frame)
Lens: 24-70 zoom, 66mm at f/7.1
Shutter: 1/160s
Lighting: Speedlight with grid & barndoors
I was giving a tutorial to camera club members, showing how to create 'standard' portraits. At the end of the session I thought I'd create something a little different for myself - I wanted to get an image of the model's face with no background etc. so went to just one hard light.

Post-processing: Moved the blackpoint a little to remove any hint of his shoulder, then simply desaturated to produce the monochrome version.

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Ruth Holt   Ruth Holt
The subject works well with the B/G. B/W works good in this image. The sharpness is excellent. The "eyes" (as well as the rest of the image) are very sharp. Well job..   Posted: 05/19/2022 09:14:49

Audrey Waitkus   Audrey Waitkus
I do find presenting portraits against a black background to be stunning, especially when the focus is spot-on as this one is. But here I get the feeling that the subject is floating in space. I think I would like to see the photo with just the very faintest hint of the shoulders, but that's a personal preference. The more I look at this one, the more I can appreciate the technique.   Posted: 05/20/2022 10:31:23

Eric Schweitzer   Eric Schweitzer
Great portrait and the transition from the face and hair to the background is perfect. The sharpness is very good and since the image is only of the head a stroke around the frame would not add anything.   Posted: 05/21/2022 11:11:05

Julie Chapa   Julie Chapa
Wow! Very striking portrait capture and looks great in black and white.   Posted: 05/22/2022 15:43:34


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