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Glass Still Life with Lego by Eric Schweitzer

July 2021 - Glass Still Life with Lego

July 2021 - Eric Schweitzer


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Several weeks ago, I went to the new Underground Railroad National Historic Park. The park is all about Harriot Tubman who lived in the area after escaping from North Carolina. The park is a bunch of small sites, some still privately owned, in and around Cambridge MD. One of the small sites is an old general store. When we stopped by it happened to be open and we had a nice chat with the owner. Looking for things to shoot inside the store I saw these bottles in a window and thought they would make a nice still life. While shooting I noticed the Legos left by a child and thought they added a great deal of interest. I normally shoot 1 stop brackets so in Lightroom I turned this into an HDR. I then cropped, made color and tonal adjustments, and selected a vintage color profile to make it look older. The original HDR before editing is included so you can see the difference. I am interested in your thoughts on removing the color.

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Abe Chen   Abe Chen
your pp treatment, to my eye, by rendering the bright color bottles in "old/antique" looking items, get my attention. The result of the color and tonal adjustments is very impressive and pleasing. I feel the background a bit bright, I suggest that you turn it down a little bit. Sure, the legos added on more interest to it. Well done.   Posted: 07/20/2021 00:59:41

Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
(Group 32)
I like both the original and your finished color versions.
But I prefer the wider format of the original--can't give a reason--it just appeals more to me. Maybe a compromise format something like this:   Posted: 07/21/2021 21:53:22
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Eric Schweitzer   Eric Schweitzer
I like your size adjustment it gives the image a more complete look. My original sizing was driven by Instagram requirements.   Posted: 07/23/2021 15:45:35

Ruth Holt   Ruth Holt
Both of your versions are good; I prefer the original one because of the lighting. Reminds me of my Daddy's workshop, where the sunshine came through an old dirty, dusty window. The keys and the Lego pieces are neat...the old and the new together.. Nice job.   Posted: 07/23/2021 17:13:26