Audrey Waitkus  

Over the Edge by Audrey Waitkus

May 2021 - Over the Edge

About the Image(s)

This past September we escaped to Door County for a drive along Lake Michigan. The water level at that point had been significantly above the historical high water mark, flooding marinas and even village streets. Along this stretch of road, many trees that had been perched too close to the edge simply sagged along with the banks of the lake. This one was holding on bravely. The shadow of the tree shows just how close the tree was to the water (any high waves would certainly crash right over it!) It will be interesting to see how it has fared now that the water level has gone down more than 15 inches.

I took the photo with my iPhone, ISO 25, f/2.275, 1/2024 seconds (the phone picks these values!). In Photoshop I simply cropped a bit and brought out the yellow-gold of the leaves. Since it was a beautiful day, there wasn’t much else that was needed.


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