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Standing Alone by Carol Spry

May 2022 - Standing Alone

May 2022 - Carol Spry


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This was taken in Florida at Fort DeSoto wildlife preserve, the day I went I was very excited to see as many awesome birds as possible. I spotted several different sand pipers and I enjoyed watching this one. He didn’t seem to mind me sitting there in the sand and in fact stopped to pose on one leg for me. I cropped the shot, darkened the water some, the bird was nice and sharp and I was very happy with the result. It was a peaceful day and I tried to capture that moment. I shot this with my Nikon D850 , Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 sport lens and I used a UV filter.

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Jim Horn   Jim Horn
Carol, great photography. Being alone is very evident. You handled the post-processing well, the Gulf is in motion and exposed well. The sandpiper is sharp and catches the interest. I don't think that the foreground adds anything, so you might consider cropping some of the bottom off. What you cropped off the original leaves a square. You might use the 2:3 ratio and crop some off the top as well. Jim   Posted: 05/02/2022 15:22:33

Gaetan Manuel   Gaetan Manuel
When the bottom and top are cropped, the bird starts 'pixelating'. What about using the 'rule of third'?   Posted: 05/05/2022 12:00:43

Albert Zabin   Albert Zabin
Very nicely done. I would crop the bottom up to the three piles of vegetation around the bird. The waterline seems to me to be the functional equivalent of a horizon which splits the scene in half and makes the composition a bit static. I think the grouping of the three piles and the bird would be more interesing.   Posted: 05/09/2022 18:06:27

Carol Spry   Carol Spry
I will crop it down more! I am always nervous to crop away to much, especially when Im showing animals in their natural environment   Posted: 05/10/2022 07:21:32


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