Shirley Ward, FPSA, EPSA  

A Spot of Sun on Oak Leaf Against Trunk by Shirley Ward, FPSA, EPSA

November 2023 - A Spot of Sun on Oak Leaf Against Trunk

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Saw these very colorful leaves on a tree, but what really caught my attention was the spot of sun on one of them.....

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Jill Attaway   Jill Attaway
Shirley - beautiful fall colors and love all the textures as well. The spot of sun certainly draws the eyes to that part of the photo as well. My only suggestion is to crop a bit off the top - maybe halfway between the leaf on the left and top of the image. Nice capture!   Posted: 11/15/2023 14:39:43

Marilyn Ross   Marilyn Ross
Yes, the spot of sun makes for an interesting image. Great texture in the leaves. I would also crop a bit off the top. Well seen.   Posted: 11/15/2023 19:01:54

Richard Stauber   Richard Stauber
Very nice photo, the spot of light makes a good focal point for the photo. I agree that the photo would benefit from a top crop.   Posted: 11/16/2023 18:11:25