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Black Hills View  by Bob Wills

January 2022 - Black Hills View

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I do love the Black Hills, and I thought this was worth taking for the depth it presented. We were in Custer State Park SD, and hunting for bison herds. Besides all of the wildlife in the park, there are many gorgeous views. I had to extensively crop the foreground to get this to the green and blue image I am presenting. I did almost all of the editing in LRCCC and used the masks available in LR2022. They are amazing and almost like having layers.

I shot this with my Nikon D700, 24-70 mm at 62 mm, 800 ISO, 1/200 sec @ f16. Let me know what suggestions you have to help make this a better image

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Adelet Kegley   Adelet Kegley

Went online to see what the Black Hills of SD looks like. I found a varied assortment. Is the blue haze that strong in spring and summer? I was surprised by the strong contrast from your forefront to the middle and background. You have captured great detail and depth in the mid and background.
Can you go back to LR and your original image and re-edit your sky only. Add a hit of yellow. Even in haze there is sunlight. Look at this image from the web it has three sections. it has too much yellow. yours should have just a hint on the horizon at least. Your sky blue should be just a tad different from the blue haze on the mid-section.   Posted: 01/08/2022 17:20:43
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Bob Wills   Bob Wills
Thank you Adelet. Your suggestions are promising ideas. I have found in my many visits to SD on the way to see my brother and his family in MN, that there are many scenic vistas and parks to visit.

This was taken midday-ish, and there wasn't a lot of contrast in the shot. I played around some to get the moon to show more and decided at that point to go with a duotone image. I will look at yellow, but since the shot above is probably taken during the sunrise or sunset, I would need to be more creative.   Posted: 01/09/2022 13:14:24
Adelet Kegley   Adelet Kegley
maybe the duotone is the best choice. Do try and see what colors you can pull up into the original RAW file before other editing. separate the sky. try luminosity sliders and shifting white balance. do you have photos from sane day that you can replace sky with?   Posted: 01/09/2022 15:01:16
Bob Wills   Bob Wills
Thanks again, You made me look at whether I need to add blue sky to the edges of the cloud bank to allow the eye to travel around it and stay in the frame.   Posted: 01/10/2022 08:46:38

Shirley Ward   Shirley Ward
There is a very bright "halo" of azure blue just above the green trees on the left side that really bothers me...If it were mine, I might consider cropping the sky down to just below the sliver of a moon and make it a panoramic scene...I also think all of the far mountains need to be a bit darker too.   Posted: 01/09/2022 23:47:00
Bob Wills   Bob Wills
Thanks Shirley. If I crop below the moon, I will lose the conversation between the lake (lower left) center mountains and the moon. I will work at removing the halo. Good catch. I hadn't seen that.   Posted: 01/10/2022 08:44:26

Julia Parrish   Julia Parrish
I looked up photos of the Black Hills as well and did find some with a strong blue haze. Interesting...Colors look very artificial to me, but apparently I need to plan a visit there to see it!   Posted: 01/12/2022 17:59:19
Bob Wills   Bob Wills
Thanks, Julia. So many things to see and do. Rapid City is kind of central to most of the parks and monuments. We also rented a house in Lead. Just have to remember there is a biker rally in Sturgis every year that fills the rentals and campgrounds.

I'll work on my color palette more. Just the first attempt.   Posted: 01/13/2022 08:32:40

Bob Wills   Bob Wills
I'm pretty satisfied now that I have a more balanced image now.   Posted: 01/15/2022 14:23:19
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Marilyn Ross   Marilyn Ross
I was at first bothered by the blue color and the "halo of azure blue that Shirley mentioned, but now understand it better. The redone image definitely shows more detail. I would love to be able to see the Black Hills. It looks amazing.   Posted: 01/16/2022 16:02:23
Bob Wills   Bob Wills
Thanks, Marilyn. Hope you get to go sometime.   Posted: 01/19/2022 12:05:37

Brian Magor   Brian Magor
Seeing is obviously believing. Covid prevented me from going to Rapid City for the PSA Festival, although I was on the PSA Board when we chose it as a destination. On first sight of this image, I found the blue unbelievable. The second version is certainly better, although, again, I found the blue of the sky to to be over-cooked, but as I have never been there, I have to accept the image as it is presented. For all that, it is a stunning image.   Posted: 01/19/2022 11:15:59
Bob Wills   Bob Wills
Thanks, Brian, I probably do overcook my images, even when not trying.   Posted: 01/19/2022 12:06:54


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