Joseph J Zaia, FPSA, ASIIPC, FMC  

Cuban Wall by Joseph J Zaia, FPSA, ASIIPC, FMC

July 2021 - Cuban Wall

July 2021 - Joseph J Zaia, FPSA, ASIIPC, FMC


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On our 2016 Cuban visit, the pattern of this wall interested me and I took sever pictures. This one was about the best and sharpest at ISO 200, f5.6 and 125th of a sec. Not sure why I did not use a faster shutter speed. Other than the basic processing, I pumped up the background colors, toned down some of the brighter areas, fixed some of the most distracting pealed paint and cropped and stroked.

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Jerry Biddlecom   Jerry Biddlecom
Joe -- I think you really nailed this one! There is so much to examine here. The rhythmic, jazzy and colorful vertical lines set off the man and girl, and it could have been really distracting, but you got it to work in this image. Some of the reds and blues in the wall are picked up in the man's clothing, and the polka dots in the dress contrast nicely with the stripes. And you can just see the anticipation in the little girl's face as she takes a peek at what's inside the bag. Her expression is a really universal look in children of all cultures. Great story! I might have brightened the man a little bit in order to bring him out from the background, but other than that, I love what you've done here.   Posted: 07/09/2021 17:04:05

Al Swanson   Al Swanson
Very colorful and storytelling. I agree with the brightening of the man, and would add perhaps just a touch more saturation to pop the colors a bit more. Great shot.   Posted: 07/10/2021 09:37:19

Mike Patterson   Mike Patterson
I agree with Al and Jerry -- you nailed this one.   Posted: 07/13/2021 08:25:11

Peggy Reeder   Peggy Reeder
Wonderful story Joe. My eye goes first to the wall, but then lands on the little girl who is very interested in the contents of her bag. And Papa is telling her something about it. I think he is a little too contrasty, but overall, a very nice image.
  Posted: 07/19/2021 10:55:50

Marti Buckely   Marti Buckely
Good subject and nice coloring. I find my eye going to the bottom right and wishing the curb and grass weren't there.   Posted: 07/19/2021 16:58:59

Kaylyn Franks   Kaylyn Franks
I agree with the other comments made. A delightful image!! I was a little bothered with the grungy curb, but then danced with it a bit and resolved that it helps tell the story. It also mirrors the diagonal pattern of the stripes. I would not brighten the colors more. There is a little grunge in there which mirrors back to the grungy curb. Try a little spotlight on the mans face.   Posted: 07/20/2021 17:10:31

Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
(Group 32)
Nicely done image.
Please clear up a mystery for me. Toward the right (more evident in your original), some of the individual strips on the wall are "L" shaped and curved. Since you were there to take the picture, was the wall curved, or is this trompe l'oeil art? I suspect the wall was curved because of a slight highlight on the short leg of the "L" segments, but you must tell me. Thanks.   Posted: 07/22/2021 22:46:19


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