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White-backed Vultures by Leslie Larson

November 2023 - White-backed Vultures

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The photo is of immature White-backed Vultures. I have a soft spot for vultures; garbage recyclers extraordinaire. (At least I didn't send you the one of the vulture with its head up a dead hippo's butt pulling out entrails.)
I liked the starkness of this photo and the leading line from right to left.
This was taken with a Canon EOS 77D, 200mm, 1/400, f/11, ISO 400 in Botswana a few years ago, before Covid.

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Tom Buckard   Tom Buckard
Leslie, very nice high key image. I thought the vultures were a little hot so I darkened them but then lost some of the detail in their faces that is so important. Great faces!! Your layout is perfectly cropped and the three vultures have great visual impact and interest. Just had dinner so I am glad you didn't include the hippo's butt shot!   Posted: 11/04/2023 18:04:55

Leslie Larson   Leslie Larson
thanks Tom. Glad someone else appreciates vultures   Posted: 11/04/2023 20:27:57
Tom Buckard   Tom Buckard
Leslie, I do like vultures. Not the prettiest bird in the world but certainly unique as the vacuum cleaner of nature. Wood storks are another ugly bird but both are beautiful in their own way. Actually have some head shots of vultures that are fairly good.   Posted: 11/05/2023 07:14:40

Mike Cowdrey   Mike Cowdrey
A great shot of the three vultures. I agree that their faces are a little hidden in shadow and could be lightened a tad. If it were mine I would also introduce a little more colour into the sky, but this is only a minor consideration to what is a successful image.   Posted: 11/10/2023 08:43:23

Ron Spencer   Ron Spencer
Very nice shot, composition with elements of 3, more pleasing somehow than even numbers.
Wait…hippos and entrails? I'm eating breakfast here! Just kidding, I'd actually like to see that.   Posted: 11/10/2023 10:21:23

Michael Braunstein   Michael Braunstein
I think the photo would be much better without the bird in back. he birds are tight on the right without room to look out. The open area should be on the right not the left. The birds are all lacking detail. Was it a large crop?   Posted: 11/10/2023 19:06:29
Leslie Larson   Leslie Larson
Really can't respond to this as I don't agree with your vision at all. The original is sharp, but it was certainly cropped.   Posted: 11/10/2023 20:14:17
Michael Braunstein   Michael Braunstein
I did not see the original but the image sent to me lacks detail especially in the feathers. The two birds on the left merge. That is a fact. I think it is a good idea to have others critique one's photos. I suggest that you send it to PSA for a critique.   Posted: 11/11/2023 01:54:33
Leslie Larson   Leslie Larson
If you had said things that were correctable, I can certainly use that sort of critique. However, what you are saying is change everything about the photo including the number and positions of the birds...the lighting, the focus, the layout. That would be a completely different photo, maybe better, maybe not. Eye of the beholder and all that.
Yes, the two birds overlap, I don't have a real problem with that. I do prefer the number 3 to 2. Fitting them in with the (what I consider an integral part of the photo) picturesque branch means I can't just add a big space on the right. It would be out of balance IMO.   Posted: 11/11/2023 10:02:54

Tom Buckard   Tom Buckard
Hi Leslie, my ears are burning already!! (Just kidding). I know you prefer high key and I prefer low key and I had some time to play in Photoshop. It really does make the three vultures pop and seems to bring out more detail. What do you think?   Posted: 11/13/2023 19:51:57
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Leslie Larson   Leslie Larson
You've probably heard of Joel Sartore, the photographer trying to document all animals on Earth. He uses either white or black backgrounds to marvellous effect. I love your black background. No burning ears necessary.
It doesn't occur to me to change the original photo all that often, (except the sky occasionally), but I should play with it more. Especially with all the new AI capabilities in PhotoShop.
Thanks for the inspiration.   Posted: 11/14/2023 11:09:41

Don Poulton   Don Poulton
To me the birds are lacking somewhat in feather detail. I would lighten their faces, extend the canvas on the right to give them space to look into, and use a sky replacement in Photoshop or Luminar to provide some detail. Just keep features like puffy clouds blurred to they don't distract.   Posted: 11/14/2023 14:28:23
Leslie Larson   Leslie Larson
good suggestions to try. thanks   Posted: 11/14/2023 14:37:55

Gabriele Dellanave   Gabriele Dellanave
Leslie I like the image and the clean background. Also, I shared Don about the bird's feathers and orientation. And I didn't know about vultures' capacity as garbage holders.   Posted: 11/25/2023 10:23:55