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Monty and Mac by Hazel Price

May 2022 - Monty and Mac

May 2022 - Hazel Price


May 2022 - Hazel Price

Original 2

May 2022 - Hazel Price

Original 3

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Apologies again for late entry. This image was created by cropping, adding textures. It is not particularly creative but was quite a challenge. As you can imagine, it was difficult to get the little monkeys to sit still so we put them together on a stool and the stayed there for about 3 seconds. The challenge in adding the textures was their whiskers. I think I used one of the blend modes for one of the textures. I then thought of putting them in some flowers so made a brush by taking a photo of a flower in my garden and making it into a brush. Then changed the colour of the brush twice to make the yellow and white daisies. I then added a hint of green with another brush I had made some time ago. It's a bit twee but one for the kiddies and the grannies.

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Mike Fernandez
Beauty and creative, that is a 'MEAW'. Nice blending.
Just one minor detail is that I would have reduced the catch lights in the eyes to only one.   Posted: 05/09/2022 07:42:26
Hazel Price   Hazel Price
I agree. Thanks for pointing that out Mike. I will leave just the one.
  Posted: 05/15/2022 03:18:50

Steve Wessing   Steve Wessing
Excellent composite. I love the color. I might have feathered the blur a little more around the top of Mac's head.   Posted: 05/11/2022 09:46:45
Hazel Price   Hazel Price
Thanks Steve. There is certainly a bit of an issue there. I will see what I can do to improve that area.   Posted: 05/15/2022 03:20:06

Diana Magor   Diana Magor
(Group 32)
I have been trawling through the creative groups to see what people come up with and I really like this. Yes, it's cute and chocolate boxy, but it is still very good. You've done a good job with the whiskers and I like the way the ears fade out into the blue/green mist. The flowers along the bottom are an inspired choice! Congratulations! I agree with Mike about the catchlights.   Posted: 05/14/2022 15:36:19
Hazel Price   Hazel Price
Thanks for your comments Diane. It is appreciated.   Posted: 05/15/2022 03:20:58

Brian Swinyard   Brian Swinyard
Hazel, This is a lovely image and it is one that has that 'Ah' factor that will undoubtedly be admired by children and grannies alike. You have caught the moment perfectly and there is good eye contact with you. The expression on the kittens' faces is priceless. I agree with Mike about reducing the number of catchlights to only one. The gradation from the sharpness of the eyes and whiskers into the soft-focus background is perfect which adds a sense of artistic mystery. The addition of the yellow and white flowers is a master-stroke and the latter around the kittens creates the illusion of dew drops. Congratulations and very well done.   Posted: 05/15/2022 11:40:27

Joan Field   Joan Field
I hope I got the correct final product where it belonged. I thought the flowers at the base of the kittens was a sweet touch, hiding the normally rambunctious kitties to scratch at anything where possible. The final product is so soft and cuddly except for the eyes which are sharp and marvelous. You did a great job with them and I congratulate you. Makes me wish our cats were a bit younger
  Posted: 05/20/2022 16:01:16


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