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Psychedelic Centraal by Steve Wessing

January 2022 - Psychedelic Centraal

January 2022 - Steve Wessing


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I wanted to give this dull overcast photo some warmth and color. I created two duplicates of the original layer, then masked out the sky and water from one of them. Then I inverted the mask, on the second layer to eliminate everything but the water. Next I used overlapping difference layers and gradients to create the background color. Finally I boosted the color and contrast of the building layer, and reduced the opacity of the water layer to simulate the reflection

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Brian Swinyard   Brian Swinyard
Steve, I like the way that you have taken what is a fairly average picture of the riverside and converted it into something that transcends reality and a mere record. Your final version creates the illusion that the river scene with its buildings nestles beneath a glass canopy. I am reminded of the way the sunlight streams through the ribbed glass roof on the new Saint Pancras Station in London. The way the colours reflect onto the water adds a sense of realism to the picture. It is a pity that the bright circle of light above the buildings in the upper right quadrant tends to draw the eye.   Posted: 01/07/2022 11:32:43

Joan Field   Joan Field
I like the way you handled the reflections of the sky I n the water. I'm not sure it was necessary to go to all the trouble you did to change the sky. In the new PS, there is a sky filter which will give a wonderfully clean section of just the original sky, including catching the leaves of a tree accurately.
Steve, I would suggest removing the stripes in the sky as it gives the impression of someone haven taken a photo of an indoor crystal palace showing the beams.
In any case, you have certainly improved the "dull" original. Good work!   Posted: 01/16/2022 15:40:58


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