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Purple Pothole by Steve Wessing

October 2021 - Purple Pothole

October 2021 - Steve Wessing


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I liked the reflections in this porthole window in The Hague, and I was happy with the resulting image. But I decided to add a bit of color with gimp to make it fit my style better.
First I increased the color saturation as far as it would go. Next I used the circle select tool to select the window glass, and inverted the selection. Then I moved the hue until I liked the result. I cropped out the lower area, because the shadows (which I liked in the original) didn't look good after editing. Finally, I deselected and used the unsharp mask to bring detail back to the bricks and reflections.

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Joan Field   Joan Field
I don't see a color reversal in the window at all. I guess you were just separating the window from the bricks so you could add the interesting purple color to them. I like this strange juxtaposition because the window is quite fascinating in its reflections, the color of the bricks works well with it and the plant leaves are particularly grabbing me. Good that you got rid of the white area down below.
This is an interesting combination of reality and creativity on your part. Good seeing.   Posted: 10/16/2021 14:15:28

Hazel Price   Hazel Price
I think the cropping works very well also the enhancement of the colour and detail in the bricks. I am not sure that the content of the circle interests me as I find it a bit confusing.   Posted: 10/16/2021 15:45:56


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