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Memorial Day Salute by Peter Newman

June 2021 - Memorial Day Salute

June 2021 - Peter Newman


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The original image is an in camera multiple exposure, I moved the camera for each exposure. In post I made a slight application of the wave filter and adjusted the color. The sky is a composite of 3 different images. The planes were shot at various locations. I am somewhat bothered by the straight horizon. I was thinking of making a polar coordinate with the flags in the center, with the planes circulating.

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Brian Swinyard   Brian Swinyard
Peter, I love the effect you have created with the three groups of flags set against the abstract background which works very well. However, I have trouble in relating that to your original with the aircraft in the upper two thirds. Your image this month seems to be a vertically stretched version of the lower third of your original. Or am I missing something?   Posted: 06/11/2021 09:46:43
Peter Newman   Peter Newman
Brian, What you see is the original. Which was made by taking three multiple hand held exposures, in-camera. I used the PS wave filter. For some reason, the titled image and original were conflated. However on second thought I like it better without the war plane composite. I will attach a different version, as soon as I finish resolving two issues, PS and attempted identity theft.   Posted: 06/11/2021 11:07:59
Brian Swinyard   Brian Swinyard
Peter, Thank you for the clarification. I can see from the left-hand edges of the flags that there was a repetition of three shots in the composite. I agree with you that the image works well without the aircraft and I cannot see what value they would add to the whole. I hope your PS and attempted identity theft issues are resolved soon.   Posted: 06/11/2021 12:42:29

Janice Rosner   Janice Rosner
I like the texture created by the waves and ripples, though I'm wanting the flag on the left to be more visible like the flags on the right. To me, this difference between the flags creates an imbalance in the composition. I also didn't understand how the image with the planes fit in till I read your comments above. I'm looking forward to seeing your new version.   Posted: 06/12/2021 12:55:34

Joan Field   Joan Field
Peter, I love the multiple exposure of the flags and the interesting ripples you achieved. I have to admit I have no idea if the planes are in the final image, as I can't find them at all. The textured background you have achieved works remarkably well.
The space you have creative over the flags give them room to wave wildly . It's a really beautiful image. Thank you.   Posted: 06/14/2021 18:09:46


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