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Welcome to the Other Side by Tom Gainer

September 2021 - Welcome to the Other Side

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My granddaughter wanted a scary picture for Halloween. We walked around the neighborhood to find a good backdrop and came across an old farmhouse in the city park. It was quite fun getting strange stares from people seeing an old guy walking around the park with a little girl in a wedding dress and carrying an old doll. I converted the image to black and white and added a slight sepia tone. I used photoshop to add some fog. Camera settings: 1/200 sec, F10, 55mm.

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Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
You succeeded. I don't want to go to the other side. It would probably lessen the impact but I would like to see a version with the girl slightly to the right because there is nothing of interest there.   Posted: 09/08/2021 14:34:58

Pat Couder   Pat Couder
I agree with Jerry although maybe move her to the left as I like the spooky tree branches. She has the perfect expression! Could add more contrast and tones to really make it dramatic   Posted: 09/10/2021 09:15:01

Irene Bergamini   Irene Bergamini
Definitely creepy..your granddaughter should receive an Oscar for her creepy expression. I would also place her a little to the side.   Posted: 09/10/2021 12:15:24

Fred Giese   Fred Giese
I agree, definitely creepy. If it were mine, I think I would move the girl under the arch of the tree on the right, avoiding a merger with her head then crop the left to get rid of the bland area. Other than that the image is well done and gives the effect that you tried for.   Posted: 09/26/2021 09:59:43

Fred Giese   Fred Giese
BTW Beautiful, yet scary, model you had to work with. Hope she gets lots of treats!   Posted: 09/26/2021 10:00:55


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