Priscilla Farrell  

China Lights by Priscilla Farrell

November 2023 - China Lights

About the Image(s)

For the last several years Milwaukee has had an interesting fall exhibit at our largest botanical garden. It's designed to be toured in the evening as all the designs are lit after dark. Having photographed several years at night I decided to look at the exhibit during the day. I was pleased with the results, less crowds.

Technical information: This image was taken with my Pixel 7 cell phone. In post processing I cropped along the left side to remove a partial design, straightened the image a bit, cloned out several rope barriers along the front edge of the frame and adjusted the lighting. Photoshop Elements was used.

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Suzanne Daunt   Suzanne Daunt
Interesting photo with a surreal feel to it. It almost looks like Sony's illustrator effect. The pathway provides a nice leading line and I like the wispy clouds. Overall, it's an interesting shot of a unique location.   Posted: 11/11/2023 09:36:55

Glenn Rudd   Glenn Rudd
Very interesting with many eye-catching features. I would also like to see the night time version.   Posted: 11/11/2023 13:04:00

John Hackett   John Hackett
An intriguing looking location. The pathway leads us neatly into and around the scene. I do feel that it has been constructed for illuminated viewing, and I would like to see that.   Posted: 11/17/2023 04:48:56

Sheldon Wecker   Sheldon Wecker
Ditto on previous composition comments. To me, the horizon doesn't seem level, tilted to the right. The photo reminds me of a pastel watercolor. Is that the effect you are going for? If not, consider increasing saturation and contrast.   Posted: 11/17/2023 08:00:46
Priscilla Farrell   Priscilla Farrell
Thanks for your comments. Although I straightened the frame, it wasn't quite enough. The image could use a little more contrast, I agree. Comments are helpful and I appreciate them.   Posted: 11/26/2023 17:09:37

Joe Norcott   Joe Norcott
The photo makes me stop to look at what is natural and what isn't. At first I thought the sprinklers were real until I looked at them more closely. Very cool!   Posted: 11/20/2023 18:25:13