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Seir De Mont Park by Glenn Rudd

June 2021 - Seir De Mont Park

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I participated in a photography workshop at Acadia National Park in 2019. This was a heavily forested location. The view was at a fork in the trail and I was impressed with the contrast between the billowing grass and the copse of tree in the foreground.
Technical: 1/980 sec, f/5, ISO100, 70mm

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Peter Elliston   Peter Elliston
Glenn, I can see the attraction of the billowing grass set agains the tree trunks but if that was your intention, I wonder if you had some other images taken from a lower position where the grasses are more prominent and there is less of the trees. I think this is an image that might also work just as well in mono. I also find the trees and light on the right somewhat bright and would suggest a strong crop so that you almost come up against the main clump of five trees as this pulls the eye directly towards them and the grasses at their base.   Posted: 06/11/2021 08:40:55

John Hackett   John Hackett
I like the idea and the basic excecution of the picture. The billowing grasses contrast well with the solidity of the tree trunks.I am not too sure on having the main trunks central, but if I was to suggest a crop from one side I am not sure from which side as both are equal interest.   Posted: 06/12/2021 07:48:50

Joe Kennedy   Joe Kennedy
I think I see what caught your eye - you just need to emphasize it more with your final image. A different angle might have emphasized that (but that is too late) - maybe a tighter crop or, as suggested, go monochromatic would help.   Posted: 06/14/2021 06:12:12

Sheldon Wecker   Sheldon Wecker
I think you want the central group of trees to be your subject, but the sharpness and brightness of the trees on the right draw my eye away from them. My crude attempt at editing is attached   Posted: 06/14/2021 15:09:52
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Glenn Rudd   Glenn Rudd
Thanks for all the great comments. In retrospect, I did not spend enough time processing the subtleties of the scene. We were on a walking tour and this was a quick shot, I think the suggestion of shooting from a lower angle is excellent.   Posted: 06/17/2021 19:43:13

Joe Norcott   Joe Norcott
Acadia woods are beautiful. Did you try a vertical of this scene? Having the 4 trees in the center would be interesting to see it as a comparison.   Posted: 06/18/2021 06:48:43


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