Bogdan Bricelj, MPSA, GMPSA, EFIAP/p  

Vineyard in Prlekija by Bogdan Bricelj, MPSA, GMPSA, EFIAP/p

November 2023 - Vineyard in Prlekija

November 2023 - Bogdan Bricelj, MPSA, GMPSA, EFIAP/p


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In Slovenia there are some countries with beautiful vineyards. One of them is Prlekija. We like to come to vineyards for some days in autumn, when leafs are so colorful.

Nikon P-950, 50 mm on built in lens, manual 1/640s, F7,1, ISO 100. Processing: gradient and basic adjustments in Lightroom, crop. in PS Elements.

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Bogdan Bricelj   Bogdan Bricelj
Dear Members of PID Study group,

now you can read my article about motocross in November 2023 PSA Journal. I thank you once more for help in selection and processing photographs for it.   Posted: 11/11/2023 15:30:11

Dr V G Mohanan Nair   Dr V G Mohanan Nair
Very nice landscape image. I liked the composition. The image is sharp and the cropping looks good. I think you can increase the vibrance a little more.   Posted: 11/17/2023 01:47:08

Walter Naumann   Walter Naumann
Another example of your beautiful country. The foreground stalks are emphasized and are of little interest. Cropping that lower part out would allow emphasis of the upper building that are of greater interest. That is just another option. As submitted it is an excellent image.   Posted: 11/19/2023 16:17:11

Joan Funk   Joan Funk
A beautiful image of the vineyard. I think it is enhanced by the repeating rhythm of the stalks in the foreground. And thank you for the motocross article. I read it with great interest, since I love going to the Miami Motocross, but now I know how to improve my photos there.   Posted: 11/19/2023 17:29:40
Bogdan Bricelj   Bogdan Bricelj
Joan, I'm happy, that the article will help you.
  Posted: 11/27/2023 04:55:13

Renee Nalley   Renee Nalley
Lots of leading lines in this image that make the composition really good. Between the fence posts to the rows of crops. The image does a great job at depicting the beauty of the vineyard.   Posted: 11/19/2023 18:35:37

Darlene Elwin   Darlene Elwin
I really like the backward Z lines that eventually take your eye to the building. A little more contrast and/or brightness might enhance the image. Also, did you consider cropping the sky as it doesn't add to the interest of the image.

It's a treat to see images from your country.   Posted: 11/30/2023 12:46:05

Bogdan Bricelj   Bogdan Bricelj
Thank you for compliments!

I like sky due to the cloud and complementary colour to the vineyard.   Posted: 11/30/2023 13:11:11