Terry Campanella  

Dreams of Tomorrow by Terry Campanella

January 2022 - Dreams of Tomorrow

January 2022 - Terry Campanella


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Taken with my Nikon D 5200 on Manual Mode, Lens 55-200; Focal Length 92mm, Speed 1/160 sec., F/5.6, ISO 1000. Post processing Photoshop Basic adjustments, worked with copy and pasting curtains to simplify background. The image had a lot of noise and because of a glitch with Nic software, had to use Luminary and Photoshop to denoise. Worked in Nic to add light to the face. Finally, I cropped and added the catch light in her eyes. I did consider turning this image into a black and white however I felt that the color version added to the dream like effect I was trying to achieve.

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Walter Naumann   Walter Naumann
Excellent pose and composition. Good to simplify the background and increase face exposure. Face and dress colors are complementary. Black and white always removes information and especially in this case would be a loss. Highlights could be moved to the left to match the lighting. Excellent.   Posted: 01/07/2022 10:36:06

Bud Ralston   Bud Ralston
This is a beautiful portrait, Terry. Well done!
  Posted: 01/07/2022 13:42:40

Stuart Caine   Stuart Caine
(Group 42)
A very image. I liked the way you cropped it.   Posted: 01/13/2022 14:43:26

Joan Funk   Joan Funk
Lovely. Great editing. I like the curtain pasting, the highlighting of her face, all the handling of the lights and shadows. I would try cropping less on the right and more on the left to use the space better. That would require more curtain-pasting, I know.   Posted: 01/17/2022 15:40:16

Kathleen Sims   Kathleen Sims
Beautiful shot. Composition is just right. I would clone the curtains on the left side to match those on the right. Your other post processing is great.   Posted: 01/17/2022 16:27:35

Bev Caine   Bev Caine
(Groups 48 & 80)
Great job in editing. Lovely portrait.   Posted: 01/18/2022 12:17:18

Dr V G Mohanan Nair   Dr V G Mohanan Nair
Nice portrait. Your post processing is excellent. Composition looks great. Nice pose too. Well done.   Posted: 01/20/2022 11:23:24


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