Dr V G Mohanan Nair, APSA, QPSA  

Mass Vaccination by Dr V G Mohanan Nair, APSA, QPSA

September 2021 - Mass Vaccination

September 2021 - Dr V G Mohanan Nair, APSA, QPSA


About the Image(s)

This image was taken on 4th March, 2021, when I went for my first Covid vaccination. A mass vaccination drive was held in a indoor stadium near my residence. On the left side of the gallery was for people waiting for the vaccination. On the right side gallery people who were vaccinated were asked to wait for 30 to 45 minutes for post vaccination observation. I took this image while I was waiting for my vaccination.

Camera Samsung Mobile S9, ISO-250, Exposure time 1/50 sec, F-stop f/1.5, Focal length 4mm, Center weighted average. Trimmed the image and then mild adjustments for saturation, noice reduction, unsharp mask were done using Photoshop. Finally added a little vignette.

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Joan Funk   Joan Funk
Your image beautifully tells the story of the mass vaccination drive - people waiting to get vaccinated, people getting vaccinated, and people who are waiting to leave after being vaccinated, all in vivid color and good sharpness. Great story.

My only suggestion would be to lighten up the hair of the woman in the lower left of the image, and bring out the details. Right now there's just a black blob. A stroke around the image would be good, so the black hair doesn't continue down the screen.   Posted: 09/19/2021 14:49:28

Walter Naumann   Walter Naumann
Beautiful colors, typical of the India culture. Good composition with the angled lines. It tells a good pandemic story. Perfect.   Posted: 09/19/2021 16:57:27

Bud Ralston   Bud Ralston
Impactful photo of the diversity of the pandemic. It attacks all persons of all nationalities, races, religions. Your photo makes this so obvious and shows how the whole world is in this together.   Posted: 09/19/2021 19:37:32

Terry Campanella   Terry Campanella
Totally agree that this image really tells the story. I especially like all the angles, shapes and colors. For me, this image gives me a sense of hope, dignity and pride. Thanks for sharing it.   Posted: 09/20/2021 11:51:36

Kathleen Sims   Kathleen Sims
Very good image for our group. Your crop is good by eliminating the lights in the ceiling but I would suggest that you also crop on the left side to remove the person in black so we first see the lady with the red scarf on her right shoulder. This will automatically remove the basketball hoops on the left side which is not a necessary part of the story line. WOW….great vivid colors drawing our attention to a fantastic photojournalism story of the times we now live.   Posted: 09/22/2021 15:07:03

Bogdan Bricelj   Bogdan Bricelj
Not just a documentation photo, but also colorful and aligned. I just ask myself about social distance of waiting people.   Posted: 09/22/2021 15:16:37


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