Joan Field, APSA  

Niles. Canyon Steam Locomotive by Joan Field, APSA

October 2021 - Niles. Canyon Steam Locomotive

October 2021 - Joan Field, APSA


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My husband and I love the old steam trains, so we visited Niles Canyon, CA where they were running trips on it. We didn't take the trip, but we got quite a few photos of the train coming around the bend or waiting at the starting site to take off. This photo was worked over pretty well, especially the sky, which originally was almost pure white. I took the one photo and made an HDR using Aurora, which gave the sky some definition. I then worked n black and white, having converted the image using Silver Efex Pro from NIK. I used both the presets in Nik, as well as the Control Points to lighten and darken areas. I may have also used layer masks in Photoshop to lighten and darken parts of the image, using the soft brush in white, after having changed the layer mask to black. I used the masks to lighten or darken using Levels.

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Kirsti Näntö-Salonen   Kirsti Näntö-Salonen
Hi Joan! I think that this is full of action, drama and impact. The camera angle makes the engine look very powerful and dynamic, and the activity around makes it very much alive, like it would rush out of the frame towards the viewer any minute. It is magnificent in black-and-white. I especially like the gleam on the engine, the steam, and the HDR effect on the clouds. I think that every minute of post-production has really been worth it. A great image!   Posted: 10/13/2021 15:37:58

Billy Sinclair   Billy Sinclair
Hi Joan, your photograph makes a strong first impression. I think this is really helped by converting it to black and white which complements the age of the train. Also, it was a good decision to wait until the workers were present, they make the image much more dynamic than a shot of just the stationary train. All your post processing had a major impact. Good job.
Regards Billy   Posted: 10/14/2021 12:01:41


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