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Violet by Kirsti Näntö-Salonen

June 2021 - Violet

June 2021 - Kirsti Näntö-Salonen


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Here is ”Violet”. I came across a flower photography tip that is supposed to give a beautiful mystical blurred background tinted with the color of the flower: a double exposure first with the flower in sharp focus and then a totally blurred one through the petal. I tried this with the first violets of the year. Fuji XT-2, zoom 18-55 mm. F 55 mm, AE. f/5.6, 1/250 s, ISO 1600. Developed in Capture One 21, adjustments in Affinity Photo. The petals were too small to cover the whole frame, leaving some bright greens on the edges, but I quite liked the effect. What do you think? Has any of you experimented with this sort of trick?
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Bruce Kocen   Bruce Kocen
Very interesting image. Like the in focus Violet in contrast to the out of focus ones. I keep going back to it. It is an unusual and intriguing picture.   Posted: 06/14/2021 17:19:54
Kirsti Näntö-Salonen   Kirsti Näntö-Salonen
Thank you, Bruce! I have tried the trick in several situations now, and I think that it can give an extra spice.   Posted: 06/16/2021 08:55:06


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