Fat Chen, PPSA  

A couple by Fat Chen, PPSA

June 2022 - A couple

About the Image(s)

(1) Took this image near a reservoir
(2) Adjust the contrast, exposure
(3) Change to B&W
(4) Resize the image

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Paul Swepston   Paul Swepston
The framing of the couple with the vines/branches is really amazing as well as the pseudo-silhouette created by the couples juxtaposition with the reflection off the water. I have several photos that I have taken of couples enjoying a private moment in the distance and I have always felt a bit like a voyeur for taking them but as long as you can't recognize their faces I think such a photo is nonintrusive and a great way to capture an emotional moment. I think B&W is the perfect way to emphasize the couple rather than the surroundings.   Posted: 06/10/2022 10:46:50
Fat Chen   Fat Chen
Thanks Paul !   Posted: 06/11/2022 03:53:14

Barbara Dunn   Barbara Dunn
Wow! This is such an impactful shot. Beautiful concept and execution, I love the way the vines frame the couple and the large tree frames the entire scene.   Posted: 06/11/2022 14:42:32

Timothy Morton   Timothy Morton
A powerful image of the couple with the surrounding nature make it POP.   Posted: 06/11/2022 16:50:19

Russell Hunt   Russell Hunt
A beautiful capture. Nicely framed with the vine.   Posted: 06/16/2022 21:34:42

Wendy Stanford   Wendy Stanford
Hi Fat, wonderful, a lovely reflective image, the vine immediately draws you to the couple which are almost silhouette, with the light of the water providing a perfect background, good separation between foreground and background, with a nice tonal range.   Posted: 06/18/2022 06:44:03