Fat Chen, PPSA  

Misty Night by Fat Chen, PPSA

January 2022 - Misty Night

About the Image(s)

(1) Took this image in a misty night
(2) Move the camera position to capture a better lighting effect
(3) Adjust the contrast and colour saturation
(4) Crop the image
(5) Resize the image

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Barbara Dunn   Barbara Dunn
A stunning shot, with a beautiful golden cast. The contrasting sun rays with the shadows make this image special.   Posted: 01/09/2022 12:24:41

Timothy Morton   Timothy Morton
This seems to remind me of HYDE PARK in London and well done but as it's been many years since been their I could be mistaken love how the sun is just coming in and allow us to understand the SHADOWS inside this capture.   Posted: 01/09/2022 15:14:48

Paul Swepston   Paul Swepston
The mist gives the light a 3D effect which I think is the most important aspect of the image. Since this was taken at night I am surprised that the jogger isn't a bit blurry. I guess the exposure could have been determined off the bright light which could keep the shutter speed from being too slow. Great composition and, unless you knew the jogger, I would imagine they would have been a bit concerned about what you were doing.   Posted: 01/10/2022 17:05:21

Russell Hunt   Russell Hunt
Great use of light and shadow.   Posted: 01/10/2022 21:50:34

Steven Wharram   Steven Wharram
In particular, I love the bottom half of this image with the shadows, beams of light and the leading lines. The golden colouring works well. I might just crop below the bright white light though as I find that a distraction.   Posted: 01/15/2022 07:47:07


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