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Joy - Flowers and Butterflies by Carole Kropscot, FPSA

June 2022 - Joy - Flowers and Butterflies

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I could spend the rest of my life taking photos of flowers, especially with butterflies on them. That brings me the most joy. I think other people feel happy vibes when they see such photos. Hope so. I make a point of trying to make the main subjects stand out against any busy background, and that is my biggest challenge.

I used my Canon 100 Macro lens on my Canon Rebel T5i, f/8, 1/60 sec., ISO 800, no flash, on a tripod. Taken at Kansas City's botanical garden called Powell Gardens during their annual summer butterfly festival. Pretty much straight out of the camera except for cropping.

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Connie Reinhart   Connie Reinhart
No flash, no tripod. Excellent lighting and excellent focus - no small feat. I tried taking out the light stems in the background, just for kicks. And, yes Carole, there is indeed a quiet joy in watching butterflies on flowers while a light breeze blows and the birds sing.   Posted: 06/11/2022 13:35:03
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Carole Kropscot   Carole Kropscot
Thanks for taking out those miscellaneous stems. That had been too much work for me at the time!   Posted: 06/11/2022 14:33:23

Ally Green   Ally Green
I love the way the butterfly sits diagonally on the flower...a really nice angle and the colours of each are wonderful. Mother nature is a 'joy'! Only niggle is the light spot at the top of the frame but you could crop slightly down to remove it. Otherwise a lovely image and i do like Macro photography.   Posted: 06/11/2022 14:55:55

Fran Yates   Fran Yates
To me, I enjoy the colors of butterflies and of flowers. To be able to capture both is great joy. I agree the image has less distractions with the misc. stems gone. Also, the light spot on top. Then your eye can focus on the contrasting color.
  Posted: 06/13/2022 00:10:34

Gavin Tow   Gavin Tow
I don't own a macro lens, and keep telling myself I need to get one. You make a good argument with this photo. I really like the contrast with the color of the butterfly and the flower. I also like Connie did with removing some of the background stems. No tripod for me and I would have had a shaky photo !   Posted: 06/14/2022 01:00:05
Carole Kropscot   Carole Kropscot
You can sort of imitate the look of a macro lens by severely cropping a high resolution image. Experiment with various f-stops.   Posted: 06/24/2022 11:10:30


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