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Up Above - Up and Away by Walter Ross

January 2022 - Up Above - Up and Away

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Here is my submission for January. First, I must apologize for the poor quality of this photo, it was taken from a moving bus on a hwy with my cell phone on a tour last year. Just happened to notice this potential scenario and started clicking away. I was lucky enough, one, to be on the left side of the bus and two, to catch this moment in the 15 or so in the series. I have not done any post processing as I wanted to share the original for critique.

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Connie Reinhart   Connie Reinhart
Through the window of a moving bus!! Well done. I like the foggy atmosphere of the image. It makes me feel that this is early morning before the workday begins. The positioning of the crane and the sun is perfect. How many photographers plan for days to get a shot like this!   Posted: 01/13/2022 13:30:34

Ally Green   Ally Green
What a feat to capture this on the moving bus and perfect alignment with the sun! I like the vertical lines also of the crane and the pylon in the background. To me this is a perfect grab shot...well done!   Posted: 01/17/2022 13:24:59

Gavin Tow   Gavin Tow
I often have a fear of doing anything in a vehicle with a phone, and watch it bounce down the highway. :)
I did try to sharpen the photo some but nothing helped. I thought the shot of the sun and crane was what my eye focused on.

  Posted: 01/17/2022 18:39:05


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