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Triangles by Gavin Tow

November 2021 - Triangles

November 2021 - Gavin Tow


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I was here Sunday and had recently bought a new iPhone and was sort of trying it out. I didn't really plan to use the photo but then saw all the triangles on the roof!

I did the cropping and slight adjustments in Snapseed and then used Lightroom adjustments texture. I think it would've been better sticking to one post-processing product.
It shows f/2.8 1/511 at 77 mm.

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Carole Kropscot   Carole Kropscot
That roof line with all the triangles is striking! The overall blue color also makes this photo unusual and unique for me. This photo makes me want to pay closer attention to the building the next time I drive past that we have concentrated on triangles for a whole month. I find that the iPhone's own photo editing app works well for most tweaking purposes. Snapseed can add some more intense colors sometimes. And Texture is for sharpening, and I often use just the iPhone's sharpening. I use Photoshop if I need to fix distortions like keystoning. But, yes, I think you could've stuck to just the one post-processing product to achieve this look.   Posted: 11/08/2021 10:31:31

Connie Reinhart   Connie Reinhart
I really have trouble holding the cell phone steady, so rarely use the images captured with it. I know nothing about processing software for cell phones. I do know that this is a strikingly graphic image, very geometric. Is the building really this blue? Your cropping is good. Is it possible to get rid of that litttle white spot in the lower left corner?   Posted: 11/15/2021 14:07:24


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