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Triangles by Carole Kropscot, FPSA

November 2021 - Triangles

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How about a bunch of triangles on a round wheel?!!! I found this car parked outside a museum. An old but interesting car. It looked well kept up...until I brought out the details in the whitewall area using the Highlights slider in Lightroom. Too bad I didn't take an overall picture of the car. Now that I'm not using film, I should be more liberal with my shooting! Can anyone identify the kind of car? It was black.

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Gavin Tow   Gavin Tow
I like the bright red color of the wheels with the black background. If I was to guess, it was something like a Ford Model A maybe ? The tires are thin (4.75 x 19) and the wheels are usually spokes (what came as original).
I never would've thought of the triangles on tires !

  Posted: 11/12/2021 02:56:07
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Carole Kropscot   Carole Kropscot
Oh my goodness, I think it looked very similar to this! Thanks. I was attracted to it mostly because of the red spokes. I wonder if YOU are reflected in this car's rearview mirror's chrome?!   Posted: 11/27/2021 09:58:26

Connie Reinhart   Connie Reinhart
Old cars are rich sources for photographs. You did very well with exposure, composition, color, and everything else. Circles and triangles; what a find!   Posted: 11/15/2021 14:02:37

Barbara Kuebler   Barbara Kuebler
Your wheel makes an excellent abstract, full of triangles. There is excellent sharp detail in the red and good detail in the black tire. No distractions anywhere. This is a very strong image.   Posted: 11/27/2021 14:50:26

Walter Ross   Walter Ross
I love the juxtaposition of this, the triangles incased in a wheel. Definitely don't see this type of detail in new cars nowadays. Perfect shot for this months theme.   Posted: 11/29/2021 12:39:51