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Seasons - Memorial by Connie Reinhart

October 2021 - Seasons - Memorial

October 2021 - Connie Reinhart


About the Image(s)

Several years ago our town erected a memorial to all her service men and women. Families purchased paving stones or paid to have their loved ones names engraved on the stone steles. Cemeteries were scoured for names of those who served in the Civil War. Dedication of the monument was a big celebration with a band, chorus, and special speakers. A few years later, a light snow had fallen overnight, so we went to the memorial in hopes of finding an inspiring image. We found the gate open. I walked backward to the gate, then carefully retraced my footsteps to give the impression that someone had walked out, even though no one had entered. Probably a wasted effort because that is not noticeable in the image. It was processed through PS using Topaz AI Clear with a NIK graduated neutral density filter to dim down the sky. I cropped off a resulting dark vignette in the upper right corner. The border was added for separation from the black background of our web page. This image was chosen for the 2019 Christmas ornament sponsored by the local women’s club. While there is no season for remembrance, there is a season for snow.

Was tempted to use a Christmas picture, but not everyone celebrates Christmas. Fall pictures are too easy at this time of year. I don’t go out in the heat of the summer. Ach, vell, vat ken vee do?


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