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THE RAPIDS by Jim Hagan

May 2022 - THE RAPIDS

May 2022 - Jim Hagan


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I photographed rapids with my infrared camera using a 15 MM wide angle lens 1/5s, f/9, and ISO at 100. The “original” image is the infrared image converted to mono by moving the vibrance and saturation sliders to zero. While I felt the basic image was okay, I wanted to emphasize the flowing water. So, after converting the image to mono I cropped some off the right side and the bottom. Then in Photoshop I increased just the height of the image.

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Allen Tucker   Allen Tucker
IR's unnatural white foliage always holds my attention, the blank sky you removed wouldn't help. You chose just the right shutter speed for the water flow. Another good lesson in creating strong images.   Posted: 05/16/2022 17:41:30

Henry Heerschap   Henry Heerschap
I concur with Allen's comments, especially about your shutter speed. Good sense of movement without being surreal. I also agree about the sky, though I think would have either retained the treetops or cropped more radically into the trees. Where you chose to crop at the top feels a bit awkward to me. Really strong image otherwise.   Posted: 05/18/2022 12:45:20

Jim Bodkin   Jim Bodkin
Excellent capture and processing, Jim. As others have commented, the shutter speed for the water is exactly correct. As a nature photographer, I would have tried to capture the same scene but positioned myself to avoid the people and footbridge. Overall a great image.

  Posted: 05/23/2022 16:10:35


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