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Olympic Stadium Berlin by Peter Hornbostel

September 2021 - Olympic Stadium Berlin

September 2021 - Peter Hornbostel


September 2021 - Peter Hornbostel

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I took this picture a couple of weeks ago on a trip with photo friends in Berlin. It’s part of the Olympic Stadium, where we have had a walk with a guide, no actual event. This is an ancient building of the early year of 1900 and brought up to incredible dimensions to the most inglorious German years at the beginning of the 1930’s. It has been renovated in the following years several times, mainly in 1970’s for the Soccers World Championship in 1974 and later on in the 1990’s.

Even though there is no reminder to the bad times now, I thought I could give an ancient touch while converting the picture to monochrome. The parameters: Canon R5, Sigma 24-70mm, F/4.0; ISO 100; 1/100 sec; 52m; free hand.

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Henry Heerschap   Henry Heerschap
I like this a great deal, Peter. The leading lines created by the row of torches, the light fixtures, and the paving stones all lead me back and around to the rear of the image. The processing is excellent.   Posted: 09/06/2021 17:37:23
Peter Hornbostel   Peter Hornbostel
Thank you, Henry!   Posted: 09/07/2021 02:30:48

Jim Hagan   Jim Hagan
I like your mono version much more than the color version. And, I think your composition with the curves is great. A very minor suggestion would be to crop out the first pillar on the left as it is the only part of the image that is not sharp, that is it is somewhat blurred.   Posted: 09/09/2021 10:54:20

Allen Tucker   Allen Tucker
A balanced pattern of straight lines and curves, you have such a good eye for composition.   Posted: 09/14/2021 01:34:13


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