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Gotenhof by Peter Hornbostel

June 2021 - Gotenhof

June 2021 - Peter Hornbostel


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I took the picture yesterday in Hamburg, Germany. New staircases, new camera, new lens, new tripod head. Fighting on a pretty warm day with my FFP2-mask and dusty glasses! Result: After nearly half an hour I had an acceptable setting found: F/13 - 0,5 sec “ ISO 100. Camera is Canon R5, lens Sigma 14-24mm 2.8 ART; Tripod head ADAI folding. It was a great experience, but there must be more routine … Next time a little more better?

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Allen Tucker   Allen Tucker
Another interesting architecture lesson, and a wonderful leading line.   Posted: 06/04/2021 00:32:34

Peter Hornbostel   Peter Hornbostel
Thank you, Allen!   Posted: 06/04/2021 03:04:37

Jim Hagan   Jim Hagan
I like the image a lot except for the round object at the bottom right, several very bright areas (hot spots) and that the railings might have better direction. Consider my revision where the railings lead you down a winding path to the focus area which I've darkened.   Posted: 06/09/2021 20:38:27
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Allen Tucker   Allen Tucker
Jim's flip brings the start of the black leading line to the bottom, a more natural entry point.   Posted: 06/22/2021 13:26:47

Peter Hornbostel   Peter Hornbostel
Thank you, Jim! This is a really good solution!   Posted: 06/10/2021 12:37:10

Henry Heerschap   Henry Heerschap
I love the image and I really like where Jim took it with his crop. One thing I found appealing in the original were the three round lights. I cropped it a bit differently to better emphasize those lights.   Posted: 06/10/2021 16:50:25
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Peter Hornbostel   Peter Hornbostel
Another good suggestion, Henry. What I like most in my original is the black line. Leading unbroken from top left unto the middle of the photo. This will be lost in both crops. If I drop this fact, your and Jim's suggestion make really sense!
  Posted: 06/10/2021 20:55:22


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