Sylvia Williams  

Home Sweet Home by Sylvia Williams

May 2023 - Home Sweet Home

About the Image(s)

This photo was taken in my backyard of a bluebird preparing its nest.

I ran it through Topaz and cropped it.
I had to bump up the exposure quite a bit.

Nikon d7500
Tamron 100-400 lens
Exposure 1/160 at f/6.3

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Sabine Nehls   Sabine Nehls
Hello Sylvia,
Preparing a nest - what a lovely nature image. You caught the right moment!
The blurred background goes very well with the image - the view focuses on the bluebird.
  Posted: 05/06/2023 13:31:07

Cindy Brackney   Cindy Brackney
You are fortunate to have captured this beautiful Bluebird, especially while gathering nesting materials. I like the overall composition. Wondering if you tried a tighter crop, maybe on the bottom. I think it would fill the frame a little more and make the bird larger too. Just a thought. I haven't done critiques so just my thoughts. Nice job.   Posted: 05/07/2023 15:34:07
Sylvia Williams   Sylvia Williams
Thank you Cindy! I am so hoping for critiques so I will try that out! But I find critiquing other's work hard :)
  Posted: 05/07/2023 16:31:57

Jim Overfield   Jim Overfield
New to PSA, and expect to learn from others comments, but I agree with Sylvia; I find it uncomfortable critiquing others work. That said, I'm here to learn and hope my comments are positive and constructive. I thought the background was a bit distracting, but I understand there may be limiting factors and any changes to your composition might have compromising effects on the final image, which I do enjoy viewing. Would moving closer to the subject with a larger aperture setting create a more pleasing bokeh and still maintain sharpness? Or, possibly composing the same image but at a different angle with a less distracting background, eg. blue sky with clouds. Regardless, The birdhouse and the bluebird are very sharp and the composition of both make for a very pleasing image for me. Thank you for sharing.   Posted: 05/07/2023 20:09:38

Linda Mui   Linda Mui
The golden color of the bird's chest and the beautiful blue tail highlighted this lovely image. I understand that tighter cropping makes the bird stand out more, however my personal opinion is that I feel that the cropping are a bit tight.
Nice captured!!   Posted: 05/09/2023 11:56:00
Yvonne Cary Carter   Yvonne Cary Carter
You've got a great studio! My suggestion would be to zoom in to highlight the bird's menacing look. Nice detail on the birdhouse and the blurred background compliments the image.   Posted: 05/16/2023 08:58:27

Douglas Gerdts   Douglas Gerdts
I clicked on the image to view the full-size -- and the bird's expression really pops! You know that annoyance when you're intent on completing a project and keep getting interrupted? That's our bird!   Posted: 05/21/2023 08:34:19