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August 2022 - Untitled

August 2022 - Allen Calopisis


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Well looking at Debbie’s photo last month gave me some inspiration, so I went out and bought one bunch of glad’s. I then set one stem up to photograph. I used a three light set up and took 31 photographs and then stacked them in photoshop. I then edited them in on1 and lightroom. I created the background in photoshop and blended the flower and background using the lighten mode. In topaz I used a O”Keefe preset and lowered the opacity of the preset to give me the color image. I then took the image and in NIK software I used the solarization preset and adjusted it to my liking. I then went back and reused the O”Keefe preset at a heavier opacity and did some slight adjustments in light room to give me the final image

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Bill Ballard   Bill Ballard
Very sharp image and detail. The background texture (I assume) you used goes well with the subject in the black and white version. As a suggestion, I think some dark portions of the image, like in the middle of the flowers are too dark and the tone needs to be brought up a bit.   Posted: 08/10/2022 23:38:05


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